August 16 - August 23, 2014

Come to the Crossroads!

crossroads by najaduarte-d536h4m

A place of mystery and magic, where all paths converge for a precious space of time 
between the worlds . . . where people of different walks of life gather together 
to share, dance, and learn, tell new tales and old, and sing the world into being.

Come to the crossroads, the place of potential, where all things are possible, 
where ancient dreams and ageless wisdom meet new hope, joy, laughter and healing.

Guided by our ancestors and our children, the gods and the land, the knowledge 
in our bones and the wisdom of the living world around us, we will explore the paths 
we have travelled, and make new ways to walk and to live.

Past present, and future, potential and possibility all come together, here and now.