Have you ever wondered how camp comes to be every year? While Camp happens through the energy and efforts of all who attend for one magical week in August, there is a lot of work done by a volunteer group of committed people throughout the year. We see our work as an act of joyful service to our community.



NEW Organizing Cycle begins Samhain, October 31, 2019.

Organizing Campers (Archer, Beth, Betsy, Casey, Cyd, Dave and Lesle-ann) are committed to the 3 year cycle of organizing.
We are looking for a few new organizing campers and resource campers to join us for this new cycle of work. 
This act of joyful obligation requires a serious time and energy commitment.  As well as a committment to communication and creativity and fun!
Application for organizing camper or resource camper 2020 and information:                                                  click here


 We recognize that there are not many models for what we are trying to create. We believe that another world is possible and follow a consensus model of decision-making, strive to maintain transparency in our organizing process, follow sound financial practices and encourage collaborative models of dispute resolution.
These principles guide our interactions with the elements and the sacred land that support us, and with all the two and four footed, winged, finned and rooted beings S/he sustains.