Vermont Witch Camp 2023
Beltane Blessing

wild flowers

Out of the darkness blossoming free
From compost I'm able to flower my dreams
Out of the magical womb of the Earth
Nurture my spirit toward the light of rebirth
Goddess of Compost ~ Ella LaRose


Sun warm the soil for futures to be
Set the spark, Plant the seed
Rain nurture sprouting, nutrients bring
Thread diverseness though ubiquity
                                ~ Don S

Calling all you Wonderful Witches! We want YOU!

This year at VWC we will be crafting a week different from prior camps. We will create camp programming together as a community.
What does this mean ?
In addition to Pathwork, we will be relying heavily on volunteer “Optional Offerings” this year.
Do you have a skill, a passion or interest you would like to share/facilitate with fellow campers?
Your offering could be for a 45 minute session, a 2-3 hour session, or multiple days during the week.  Whatever suits you…
The topic is yours to decide - Divination, Astrology, Outdoor skills, Yoga, Meditation, Knitting, making Art, Plant Identification…the sky is the limit!
This is YOUR camp, let’s create our week together!

Submit Your Optional Offering

If you have any questions or difficulty with the form, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join camp planners in the ethers the first Tuesday of each month, 7 pm EDT for DIY spellworking.

Light a candle, sing a song, raising threads of energy towards the joy of an in person full and vibrant camp! 


Blessed Be,
your 2023 VWC Planners:
Beth, BrightFlame, Cyd, Don S., Meadowlark, Wendi