Vermont Witch Camp 2020
Winter Solstice Blessing 

snow sun branches Dreaming in the Dark

It seems like we’ve been curling into our cocoons for quite some time now. The deepening darkness as we head toward Yule may reinforce our sense of enclosure, even isolation.

Yet darkness can also hold us, providing respite and calm in this time of uncertainty. Even in this midnight of the year we are not alone. Like seeds resting in the earth, infants dreaming in the womb, we are preparing. 

In the mystery and silence of starry nights and snow-muffled days, we keep watch with many other beings of all species—soul siblings and spirit allies. Together we await the rebirth of light and hope. 

Though we can’t know what the year ahead holds for us, we do know that the wheel will keep turning from winter to spring to summer to fall, each season offering opportunities for us to shape and share moments of healing and regeneration, ripeness and harvest. 

The world is vast, as is possibility. Let us spend a little time dreaming and sharing our dreams during this, the turning point of the year.Blessings, the 2021 organizing and resource campers.

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