Vermont Witch Camp 2021
Winter Solstice Blessing

sunrise planet

Into The Light

It is the Winter Solstice. The sun skirts the horizon, then slips away. The Earth sleeps. 

Silently, the year moves from Darkness to Light. On this threshold we linger. We light fires, feast on our stores, and gather with friends who'll travel with us through the year's longest night.

This year we may be wary of looking too far ahead, unsure of what the light may bring. We worry and we hope. We plan, yet we prepare to be upended.

We pause in anticipation as the light dawns, hoping to catch the currents of change that will carry us through, helping us to see our world more sweetly and to shape it more bravely.

May the powers that be and our own awakened hearts guide us, this year and every year.

Blessings, VWC 2022



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