Coming Together – Re-membering

Isis and Osiris is the story we are woking with this year. This ancient myth is as timely now as ever before, involving jealousy and anger between brothers, Seth and Osiris, which ends with the killing and dismemberment of Osiris. The story goes on to tell about eh redemptive love and commitment of Isis who, with the help of allies and family, Annibus and Nepthys, finds the dis-membered parts of Osiirs and makes him whole again. It is with the re-membered Osiris that isis bears her son Horus.

The intention of camp this year is the bulding of community, and how our idividual perspectives create the whole. Many questions are arising for the teachers and the organizers as we feed on and are fed by this story:

Where do we fall apart?

Where do we come together?

How do we restore that which has been torn apart by rapaciousness, taken by the currents and swept away?

Where is our creativity?

Where is our power?

Where is our compassion, our generosity, our knowledge, our innocence, our hope?

Throughout the week we will move as a community into greater alignment with the forces of the universe, with our magic, and with our allies of the earth community.

We are already powerful through the personal work we have done over the years, now is the time to move form the ‘I’ to the ‘We’. Now is the time to learn how to hold power together, how to trust each other enough to walk into the future together in the fullness of our lives.

Let it begin now.