Vermont Witch Camp Position of Service Statement

Special consideration as you embark on offering your love, wisdom, and skills in service to the Vermont Witch Camp community:

All campers, but particularly camp planners, path leaders, ritual facilitators and work exchange campers, play a vital role in setting the tone for VWC. Our goal is to maintain community agreements, and create the culture of an inclusive and safe space where community can flourish.

Because we have chosen to come forth in service to our community, we are more visible at camp. Our actions and words shape and contribute to the camp culture we hope to create.


Our community is ever-changing:

One goal for VWC is growing mutual respect and celebrating different perspectives and lived experiences. More than ever our environment includes:

  • new vocabulary and ways of being which are evolving and becoming more visible
  • an obligation to honor each other’s needs and boundaries
  • opportunities for deeper understanding as individuals and as a group


Substance use affects the experience of all campers:

VWC is a Reclaiming camp and as such is recreational drug and alcohol free. All campers are expected to be sober in all camp spaces. Smoking of tobacco is permitted only in the VWC main parking lot. Our host camp has a policy about the use of substances - alcohol and recreational drugs are not allowed on the grounds.

VWC planners, while respectful of these policies, also understand nuances of bodily autonomy and addiction. VWC planners acknowledge that some at camp may rely on substances for chronic pain, anxiety, and/or other self-medicative purposes.

For some campers, a recreational drug-free and sober space is a core element for safety and enjoyment of camp. Lingering odors from cannabis, tobacco, or alcohol can be activating. However you feel personally about substance use, it is important to be aware how you are presenting yourself and affecting other campers’ experiences, even when on your own time.

Upon arrival at VWC, you will be asked to sign a waiver, stating that you agree to abide by the host policy.


Conflict is normal in relationship and community, and you can help:

Part of being in a service role during this time means you are more likely to be looked to in terms of guidance and support in these instances. Planners ask us all to:

  • commit to active listening, offer and receive constructive feedback from fellow witches
  • maintain a sense of objectivity and perspective
  • honor your own growth edges and boundaries


Your camp experience matters:

It is important to note that you are not expected to always be available, and are encouraged to seek the support needed to look after your own mental, and emotional and physical health. Whatever the circumstances, you are not asked to bear the brunt of someone’s personal pain. If a time out is required to have a constructive dialogue, that is always a valid path of action.

All that is expected is for you to try and maintain a sense of equanimity, and be aware of how your position may contribute to power dynamics in conversation and actions.

Thank you for joining us in the creation and experience of VWC!