The Well of Wyrd: Honing our Tools for Vision, Meaning, and Magic (ages 12+)

with Leigh and Murphy Robinson

In this time of mass extinction, global climate crises and ongoing human rights crisis, our relationship with mystery, fate and divination offer us tools that help us care for ourselves and one another and creatively vision & act upon pathways of change. We journey together to the ancient Well of Wyrd, where we are offered glimpses of our fates. The three Norns guard this well and we can ask them for good counsel as we discern the best path for us to walk in these powerful times of upheaval and potential.

Pouring divinatory nectar from the deep into the practical details of our lives & communities feeds our souls and strengthens our bones. The well asks us to keep engaging our creative imagination together. Our tools on this path will include trance journeys, divination, magical bindrune spells, and shared song. We will review the medieval Norse lore of the Norns, and encounter them directly in the spirit-world to seek insight and guidance for our lives and activism. Path will include discussion in small and large groups, trance work, divination, magical crafting, personal spellwork, and a strong focus on how our magic feeds and empowers our activism.

Even when it seems there is no way through, what is being whispered from the deep now? What is Earth dreaming through you and us? What new pathways and strategies are possible?

If you are a seeking a path grounded in ancestral European myth, in a rigorous anti-racist and queer-literate context, join us. Ours is a path of both reflection and commitment to action for a better world.

Suitable for all skill levels, ages 12+.

Murphy Robinson (they/them) is a queer transmasculine weaver of magic, a radical activist & street medic, and a wilderness skills teacher. Their magical specialties include trance journeying, divination, Norse pagan lore, rune magic, aspecting, and the sacred hunt. They teach magical skills at the Way of the Weaver program, and wilderness skills at Mountainsong Expeditions.

Leigh (she/her): I am devoted to mystery, the wild beings of this beautiful earth, liberation and radical social change. I give to my people through bodywork & healing arts, hosting restorative circles, community herbalism & mentoring youth in self-directed nature immersion. My magical focus includes dream theatre & dream magic, plant magic, thresholds, divination, trance journeying & nature as a mirror to the soul.

Stories of Us: Creating Paths to Bright Futures (ages 15+)

with BrightFlame and Morgana

What is the story of You? What is the story of the collective Us and how we are unfolding into the future? We’ll find new stories that crack open the old ones to help us shine our paths into the future—bright, regenerative futures!

We'll start with an exercise to feel our way into the story we want our community and the land to witness. We’ll share our stories in a circle of deep listening—interspersed with movement and creative activities. Then, through improvisation and prompts using multi-media (like writing, art, dance), we’ll each create the story of Us from what we witnessed. These might be written/spoken word, dance, song, art, drama, or a combo. What new stories will come forward? We’ll share the Stories of Us and raise energy to release them towards bright futures. (If participants consense, we’ll invite the whole community to witness the new stories.)

Suitable for all skill levels, ages 15+. We hope you’ll join us!

BrightFlame (she/they) writes, teaches, and makes magic for all forms of justice and a regenerative world. Part of VWC since our first year, she loves co-weaving the web of our evolving tradition, and has taught, priestexxed, co-created with folx from VWC, BCWC, Tejas Web, Wild Maine, and Spiralheart. She has co-founded Reclaiming communities and offered core classes and workshops with her own blend of magic. Her recent focus is helping humans de-center into relationship with our Earth kin. This includes her growing body of solarpunk fiction (four stories will be published in 2022 & 2023) and workshops about storying our future. She lives on unceded Lenape land with a forest, a human, a labyrinth, the fey, hawks, bees, turtles, and many other nonhumans.

Morgana (she/they) practices and teaches magical, ritual, and theatrical arts. Her experience includes teaching at 19 WitchCamps in Texas, Germany, Wisconsin, California, British Columbia, and Alberta, as well as dozens of classes and workshops with Pentacles, Elements, Goddesses, Aspecting, and Consensus process.  A Reclaiming Initiate and one of the mothers of Tejas Web, her skills include ritual creation, magical tools, wordsmithing, music, and sacred drama. Morgana has organized and priestexed many Reclaiming camps, rituals, classes, restoratives, intensives, and gatherings and has been actively involved in BIRCH, Dandelion Gatherings, Witch Camp Council, and Spokes Council. She is a deeply queer witch who loves stars, firelight, ocean, and music. Her magical practice includes pentacles, breath, trance, scrying, drumming, dancing, Tarot, and Runes. She is also Co-founder and Producing Artistic Director of The VORTEX, a regional alternative theatre with a dedicated ensemble of artists who have created a cultural harbor in Austin, Texas. She looks forward to teaching at LoveLore Samhain Witchcamp in Belgium this fall.

Youth/Pixie Path Leaders

Erin (she/her) has spent the last twelve years working with kids from 0-18 in a medium-sized suburban public library in Western Mass. Her magical arts tend to express themselves through the domestic practices of cooking, needlework and gardening. She has made baby quilts for several fairy godchildren.

Madrone Phoenix (she/they) is a licensed clinician with advanced training in trauma. She works to create a safe space for those wanting to do the deeply challenging and equally rewarding work of transformation and healing. She connects with their queer and multiethnic background. In her spare time, she offers forensic evaluations to asylum seekers with Physicians for Human Rights and plays in her magical home gardens. Madrone has explored and lived in various states and nations. One of their proudest accomplishments include the two years they spent deepening their own meditation practice while in residency at a Zen Center in the Southwest US.

Erin is CPR-certified with first aid experience.

Our Fabulous Ritual Facilitation Team

Inanna (aka Tracey Baum-Wicks) (she/her) is a creative and life-long student of cross-cultural symbols, archetypal energies and mythology with a passion for creating sacred spaces that act as the portal into liminal spaces and the work of Deep Magic. As Empath and Healer she is deeply called to utilizing these gifts in service to Community and the Earth. She is thrilled to be, with her creatix co-hearts Ornella and Blessed, spinning and weaving the net which will cradle and support all of us during our magical time together.


Meredith Muse (Blessed) (she/her/they/them): I am a hedgewitch and a visual artist who creates sacred adornment (masks, costume, tattoo, glamour magick) and sacred environment, transforming the mundane into the magickal. By sensing divine energy wishing to be manifest, I weave objects and intent to allow this emergence. Frequently receiving guidance from Mysterious Ones (dream spirits and nature spirits), I strive to live a magickally informed life and to manifest an ecstatic existence in the world every day! I practice ritual arts, and mindful ceremonial transformation in my daily work, offering sacred tattooing in my Shady Lady studio in Central Vermont. I was part of Reclaiming Teachers in Training for seven years.  I have taught Reclaiming Elements of Magick in my community for several years, and I have taught two paths at Vermont Witchcamp, as well as apprenticing to the Ritual Facilitation Team. I also have experience guiding the women’s Central Vermont Spirit Quest, and a number of crafting workshops with magick woven into the work.


Ornella Matta-Figueroa (she/her) is a mother, disruptor, visionary, investigator and speaker of dissonance, scholar of resonance and connection. She is a certified wellness coach and co-director of SafeArt, an organization of trauma-informed practitioners who engage creative expression, mindfulness, movement, social action, and connection to the natural world. Ornella is committed to praxis, to living the practice of liberation in all ways. She holds an MPA and advanced certificate in nonprofit management from SUNY Brockport. She has completed three years toward a Ph.D in mind body medicine and holds an integrative wellness coaching certificate from Saybrook University. Completion of her doctorate is on pause because of her integrity to the decolonization process given the restrictions of working on personal liberation within the ivory tower construct of mainstream education. 


Ornella leads workshops and facilitates discussions in Vermont and New York, for beings of all ages, on returning to wholeness, anti-racism, ego to eco, self-accountability, spirituality, decivilizing, and community connection. Storytelling, deep listening, witness, and love weave deeply into her work. She also co-creates coaching relationships with individuals and groups, offering different types of support including parenting strategies, mediation during conflicts and transitions, support with complex relationship dynamics, co-creating partnerships of all kinds, organizational development, leadership, self-accountability, and unconditional positive regard. As an energy worker and intuitive person in the world, Ornella is called to create spaces for healing, expression, connection, counsel, and integration. She is a whole hearted leader with experience in a variety of co-created non hierarchical and complex relationships both professionally and personally. She is certified in Dancing Mindfulness, a co-creator of Sacred Raves, and supports individuals as they develop interoception and challenge internalized supremacy culture. Tarot, the human design system, and spiritualism are areas of study that also influence her approach to liberation. She finds most joy in creating containers for healing, using a mixture of spirit and research, and also sings and enjoys creating, sharing, and participating in music.